Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London

At Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London, (CRAR London), we are market leaders in Commercial Enforcement  in London and the South East, and have a collection rate second to none. Our expert Field Agents and Support Staff  provide specialist Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR), Forfeiture of Commercial Leases, Eviction of Squatters, Former Tenant Rent Recovery, and Collection of  Service Charges. In some instances services are FREE of CHARGE, and are often by actioned within 24 hours.

CRAR London works with Landlords, Solicitors, Surveyors, and Private Individuals, as well as Housing Associations and Local Authorities to provide fast and effective solutions whatever their enforcement and collection needs.

Our ethos is to tailor each service to the individual client requirements. At Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London we do not operate on a one size fits all basis. We never forget that you, as the client are instructing us, not the other way around.

In strategic partnership with officers authorised by the Lord Chancellor, CRAR London are able to provide fast track enforcement by High Court Agents.  We believe that time is of the essence, and in acting quickly Landlords and managing agents increase their chances of successfully recovering outstanding debts and regaining control of their property.

Through our fully integrated debt recovery strategies Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London, are also able to offer alternatives to CRAR and the ability to collect charges now excluded under the regulations. This service is at NO COST when accompanied by instructions to collect the current rent arrears.

We are aware that often there is a desire that the landlord and tenant relationship continue. This principle is at the forefront of our collections ethic, and our agents can always be relied upon to act in a fast, professional, and discreet fashion in order to facilitate this wherever possible.

Nationwide Service

Having established a reputation for prompt, reliable service to Landlords in London and the South East, and also following increasing numbers of client requests, our agents now operate throughout England and Wales. We are able to assign enforcement teams to action client’s instructions to attend commercial premises anywhere across England and Wales.

Whatever your enforcement or collection needs Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London, (CRAR London) or our regional division CRAR Group can provide a recovery solution to give you the outcome you require, Promptly, Professionally, and importantly, Cost Effectively.