Commercial Lease Forfeiture – Fixed Price £299

At Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery London we are specialists in Lease Forfeiture actions to regain commercial premises on behalf of the Landlord with a no fuss, no waiting, straightforward process. We work hard to ensure that while we are offering a reliable and responsive service, our prices are amongst the most competitive in the commercial property repossession industry.

Right from the outset our clients know exactly where they stand, with agreed fixed fees for a fast reliable service.

Remember, where the premises are of commercial (non- residential premises) no lengthy court action or proceedings are required. We can often act the same day you instruct us and may be able to help you obtain title over the tenants fixtures.

How It Works

The CRAR London service to forfeit a commercial lease based on a breach of tenancy for the non-payment of rent is swift and simple.

On receipt of written instructions, CRAR London agents will attend with a locksmith and gain peaceful entry, take possession of the premises and change the locks.

The Landlord is then back in control of their property. Once the property is checked secure, our agent will display the required notices warning of the consequences of unauthorised entry, and how goods remaining at the premises may be reclaimed. Supervised access to remove goods can be arranged.

  • Instruct us to act
  • Certificated Enforcement Agents conduct the repossession
  • Immediate verbal confirmation of success
  • Written report supplied as required
  • Inventory supplied on request
  • Replacement locks/padlocks installed by professional
  • Notice of Forfeiture clearly displayed
  • Keys supplied to nominated contact
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